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Ndiema Group

We believe the business of doing everything with goodness


We value Diversity

Diversity is the philosophy of who we are as a company. It’s not just nice to do, It makes great business sense. Being more diverse – especially having our team members reflect the diversity of our businesses and communities – helps us innovate better and grow faster.


A Brand that Cares....

Doing business for good is as important to us as doing good business. Rise for Good is the creative expression of our desire to drive positive change among our stakeholders, in the community, and in the world.

We believe that ‘doing good’ goes beyond philanthropy and CSR. It is more than just random acts of kindness. ‘Doing good’ is a purpose, an attitude, and a way of life. A guide for conducting business. And ourselves.


As a global federation of companies, we, the Ndiema Group, see an incredible opportunity to drive positive change in the lives of our stakeholders. Whether it is serving the needs of our customers. Or, taking care of the dreams and passions of our people. Or, helping to build the communities we are a part of. Or, adhering to the laws of the land. Or, nurturing the planet.

In everything we do, we Rise for Good.



Our Busineses are wholly owned by our holding company, Ndiema Industries Limited. They include:


We mandate that our employees conduct all business with outside parties in a manner that reflects our value of integrity. We will not tolerate any form of unethical or unlawful conduct. Our stakeholders’ concerns are important to us and anyone is welcome to contact our Integrity Compliance Office with questions or for guidance regarding a business practice or compliance issue or to report any questionable or allegedly unethical or illegal behavior. Read More….

What Makes US Special?

Ndiema is not what we say it is. It’s what our consumers believe it is…We are a federation of companies, bound by one purpose – to Rise. Inspired by this spirit, our legacy and values, Our goal is to always positively impact our partners, stakeholders, communities and the world at large, remains unshakeable.

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